Terms of use

Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions:

1. When performing an online order on www.pastashop-merano.com the customer declares to have read and accepted all the information provided.

2. The customer does not claim any damages on property and / or personal injury made during the ordering process. In case of non availability of the product or the not acceptance of the order no additional costs for the customer accure.

Conditions of purchase:

3. Confirmation of the purchase will be given by an e-commerce system sending the customer a response by mail.

4. It is the customer’s resposibility to register with the correct information.


Terms of payment:

5. It is possible to settle the payment via bank transfer.

6. All amounts on e-commerce are quoted in EUR, witch is also the reference currency.


GTC and fee for shipment:

7. For certain particular products the delivery is only possible within Italy.

8. According to Degree 445/2000 and DL 52/2004 every customer receives an invoice via email after ordering on www.pastashop-merano.com. For this invoce the information provided by the customer is used. After receiving the invoce no more changes are possible.

9. Shipping costs will be communicated via e-mail by Pasta Shop.

10. The processing of the order usually takes 72 hours. PastaShop does not guarantee the processing within this time period. There may be delays, for example by the carrier.

11. The customer is obliged to check the order on the following points immediately after the delivery of the goods by the courier:

– number of packages delivered corresponds to those orderd and written on the transport document.

– the packaging is not damaged, wet, or not in the original condition.

Any damage to the packaging or disagreement of the number of packets must be reported immediately and must be confirmed by the courier in WRITTEN FORM. After the acceptance form is signed the cusomer can not perform any complaint in relation to the packaging. All further complaints regarding the content must be reported within 7 business days of delivery by means of the attached form.

Right to cancel

13. According to 5 DL 185/1999 the customer, if he is the enduser, is entitled to withdraw form the contract for any reason without explanation and without payment of a penalty. Exceptions are described in paragraph 15.

14. To exercise the right to withdraw an order the customer must send a message to PastaShop within 10 business days from the receipt date.

15. The right to cancel underlies certain terms and conditions:

– Products bought as a unit cannot be separated.

– Products must be returned undamaged and in original packaging (including all documents and accessories). Please avoid to stick tape directly on the original packaging.

– By law all shipping costs of return must be paid by the customer.

– Loss or damage are the responsibility of the customer.

– In case of the goods arrive in a damaged condition at PastaShop, PastaShop will give the customer notice within 5 business days so that the customer can complain to the transportation company.

– PastaShop is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft during the return of uninsured goods.

16.  If the goods arrive at PastaShop in an undamaged condition and within the given period of time, full refund of the amount paid (minus shipping costs) will be paid within 14 days.

17. The right to withdraw applies to defected packaging and contents.

– missing packaging

– missing of essential parts of the product

Data protection:

18. PastaShop guarantees its customers to meet requirements of data protection according to the Legislative Decree 196 dated 06/30/2003. Data is treated confidentially and is not passed to 3rd parties. Data processing is done at the Pasta Shop Cova Claudio – Via portici 29-39012 Meran (BZ) – Italy


19. Please send your complaint to Pasta Shop Cova Claudio – Via portici 29-39012 Meran (BZ) – Italy

Right of appeal:

20. The purchase contract between the customer and PastaShop is compleded in Italy therefore it is subject to Italian law. In case of a civil dispute contact the local authority or the Bolzano Civil Court.