According to PastaShop the privacy of the final consumer is a key factor for their activity. The Data Protection Act used by PastaShop to handle the exchange of information and data is an example of the exemplifying commitment of the company regarding the handling of personal data.

The handling of the personal data is determinded in the “legislative Decree No. 196” dated 30. June 2003, which replaced the “ Law No. 675” of 31. December 1996. Only under the condition of authoritativeness the processing of personal data by the holder is allowed. The classification of the final customers occurs in terms of website use. The users can take various anonymous  online services while for others (eg newsletter) it is necessary to register online.

Collection of Data: The data of the privat users are collected online through an online form which can be found under  the headline“on line”. There are different forms depending on what the consumer intends to use. The owner collects the information throught the online form or through direct contracts.

Purpose of data processing: Data collected through the internet are processed in a legal and correct way. The prosessing of the data must be of use the the customer to deal with his inquiry.  The data collected is used to perform the services, to gain economic value and handle requests of final customers and credit companies. The processing of the data is intended soley for the purpose of information exchange and the dirstribution of the products of the company. The personal data like email accounts are necessary to handle inquirys and /or conduct services. The data is transmitted electronically with the help of automated procesesses and are handled directly by the owner or external partners of the organization. A certain level of security is assumed to avoid the not correct or the illegal use of the data. Data collected through the internet are only used internally.

The nature of the data: To avoid a possible conflict of interest the owner is able to track back the inquiry in order to process orders.

Terms and Conditions of data processing: The owner processes the data according to normative duties and guarantees the maintaining of the law, contracts and regulations. The registration and processing of the data is conducted in a digital way to guarantee the security of the data.

Security of Data: The collected data are protected by phsical and logical methodology to minimize the risk of an illegal exess  according to the Legislative Decree 196/2003 and “Disciplinare tecnico”.

Disclosure and processing of data: The data provided by the final users are prosessed only by the owner and in some cases, if its necessary to conduct the service requested, by a third party.

Passing data abroad: The data collected through the internet can be used outside national boarders but only to meet the customers services.

Use of Cookies: Cookies help to simplify analyses and open the acess to services for final customers. While using cookies no personal data is saved or processed.

Duration of the processing of data: The lenght of the processing depends on how long it does take to achive the goal set or to find the right creteria for conducting the service. As a result the processing of the data is over when the customers are satisfied.

Rights of the interested party: Acoording to Article 7 of the above mentioned law the inerested party has several rights. The in enquirer has the right to an offer without obligation without giving personal information. He is also entitled to request to get his personal data removed or converted in an anonymous form and he has the right to know to whom his data are passed on.

Naming of the distribution: For all further information the enquirer should turn to PastaShop Cova Claudio –  Via protici 29 – 39012 Merano.

Terms and conditions: Pastashop is allowd to change the terms and conditions provided on this website at any time. Pastashop is allowed to advert a banner on other sites.